Our dental practice offers a wide variety of the best quality general dental services under one roof. We make sure that your visit to the dentist is always quick & easy.

Dental Cleanings

  • Routine dental cleanings done at least twice a year help remove stains, plaque, and tartar followed by polishing your teeth to help you keep a beautiful smile all year long.

Dental Exams

  • Regular dental exams help with early detection of tooth decay, bone loss, abscesses, tumors, cysts, cancer or other problems to aid us in helping you find the proper dental treatment for a healthy smile.

Emergency Dentistry

  • We get it, dental emergencies happen. Our dental office welcomes emergency dental patients with the best dental professionals and dental treatments around.


“We believe in comfort, convenience, and  confidence and that’s exactly the feeling we want you to experience in each dental visit.” – Dr. Ilya Ames

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